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New product: Meet CHARM

The CHARM (Compact Hardware – ARM) is a new generation multi-function video processor & tracker that greatly extend performance in a size, weight, & power optimized package. Over 3 decades of Vision4ce's video tracking experience went into CHARM's design, making it the competitive choice for end users & system integrators.

Key CHARM features:

  • Multiple target detection & tracking, including moving object detection, rejection of background clutter, & adaptive background removal.
  • Centroid & edge measurement.
  • Automatic coast.
  • Feature-based correlational.
  • Gray level invariant algorithms.

More to come on this product, you can additional details on the cutting edge technology at http://www.vision4ce.com/products/video-trackers

GRIP Hardware Product line

The Vision4ce General-purpose Ruggedized Integrated Processor (GRIP) computer product line has the following improvements for 2014:picture of grip

  • 4th generation Intel Core i7 “Haswell” processors are now available for the GRIP Alpha, GRIP Delta & GRIP Epsilon!
  • Removable drive is a new option for the GRIP Delta range.
  • New 1TB Solid State Drives (SSDs) offer increased storage capacity for GRIP PCs, with up to 2TB of SSD storage on the GRIP Alpha & GRIP Epsilon and up to 3TB of storage on the GRIP Delta.

The GRIP range of PC's bring together the latest Intel processors and high-end graphics capability delivered in a rugged chassis, giving high-performance computing for demanding situations. Check out our full line of GRIP products at http://www.vision4ce.com/products/grip today.

TRUPER Hardware Product linepicture of truper dvr

The two new members of the Vision4ce rugged computing product family – the TRUPER PC and the TRUPER DVR – have the following product line improvements:

  • TRUPER DVR offers different SW options, now comes standard with a shock and vibration mobile mounting system and a mobile ignition power supply.
  • TRUPER PC has available options of two removable drives, internal CF boot storage, optional internal drive allowing for a total of 4.5TB.
  • Full size PCE port, mobile base mobile ignition power supply.
  • TRUPER PC 103 series, small sealed PC using Intel 3rd generation i7, up to 6 video ports, removable SSD, 8GB RAM.

Find out more about TRUPER at http://www.vision4ce.com/products/truper

Improvements to DART Software

The Vision4ce DART (Detection, Acquisition, with Robust Tracking) target tracking product is an embedded software based tracker that can use either a Linux or Windows based system for video tracking and image processing applications. Improvements include:

picture of dart

  • In addition to Intel Windows platforms, the DART SDK software package is now available for Intel and Cortex A9 Linux platforms.
  • Algorithm enhancements provided for moving target detection.
  • Library optimization has improved processing efficiency and enhanced throughput, particularly for HD image streams.

Find out more about DART at

Improvements to GRIP-VMS Software

grip vms pictureThe GRIP Video Management provides a user interface and control methodology that minimizes the operator involvement whilst maximizing the quality of the information available. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) can be used to display multiple video streams in a flexible layout that can be customized to meet operational requirements. Improvements to this technology include:

  • Additional target designation libraries, for example NMEA Track Target Message (TTM).
  • Update to video recording libraries to reduce encoding overhead, current GRIP Delta and Alpha can now provide concurrent recording of up to 4 HD video streams.
  • Improvements in video handling libraries have reduced display and streaming latencies, new setup can demonstrate glass – network – glass latencies of less than 120 milliseconds.

Find out more about GRIP-VMS at

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