US Coast Guard Contract

06 July 2012

Vision4ce has been awarded an order for 33 GRIP Delta rugged PCs for a new Naval Machinery Control Systems through Intergraph Government Solutions based in Madison, AL. Initial shipments have already taken place within a few days after the order.

Vision4ce's General-purpose Ruggedized Integrated Processor, or GRIP PCs that incorporate the latest multi-core Intel processors and NVIDIA high-end general purpose graphics processing (GPGPU) capability delivered in a rugged environmentally sealed chassis, giving high-performance computing at low power and an affordable price.

This most recent award is the latest in Vision4ce's GRIP PC expansion into multiple U.S. defense markets. Vision4ce primarily serves security, surveillance and military markets in manned and unmanned vehicles, ships and aircraft; however; other application areas of this technology include security, automotive, transportation, oil and gas, nuclear, military and aerospace sectors. "End users of our equipment are typically military, law enforcement, and security personnel" explains Brad Zell, President of Vision4ce LLC. "Decision makers for the procurement of our GRIP products include technology innovators, program managers, and senior advance development engineers. They typically find us when looking for more cost effective, leading edge processing solutions."

Factors that result in broad industry applicability include a rugged modular GRIP chassis that provides an IP67 sealed enclosure for the internal COTS hardware and within the chassis a combination of convection and conduction cooling that ensures minimal heat stress of the components. Internal shock isolation is used to ensure reliable operation in tough environments where the unit is subjected to shock and vibration.

The GRIP Delta is a true commercial off the shelf (COTS) high performance rugged computer system featuring the latest 2nd generation Intel Core i7 (Sandy Bridge) Mobile Processors combined with either Fermi or Kepler architecture up to NVIDIA GT640 GPU. The GRIP Delta is targeted at applications which require GPGPU processing in harsh environments. "The low power Grip Delta option is a customization we've provided to meet the customer's power, performance and budget requirements" says Gordon Cain, Managing Director of Vision4ce Ltd.

Other applications of the GRIP Delta include real-time deployable computers in critical imagery and ISR optical missions.

Vision4ce (pronounced "Vision Force") specializes in in the provision of rugged, real-time-high performance computing hardware and applications based on both Nvidia and AMD GPGPU capability. Vision4ce products are used for real-time image processing, video tracking and electro-optical (EO) sensor video management in the defense, security, surveillance and aerospace market sectors. Our engineers have a strong background in the development, integration and deployment of solutions for challenging real-world image processing, video management and EO system control applications.