GRIP Epsilon in Production

06 July 2012

Vision4ce has delivered the first production units of the GRIP Epsilon rugged PC. The GRIP Epsilon is the latest in Vision4ce's General-purpose Rugged Integrated Processor (GRIP) range of PCs that bring together leading edge Intel processors and high-end graphics General-Purpose/ Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU) capability delivered in a rugged chassis, giving high-performance computing for demanding environments at an affordable price.

The GRIP Epsilon is a true commercial off the shelf (COTS) rugged high performance computer system which are targeted at applications requiring real-time GPGPU processing in harsh environments and extended operating temperature ranges."The GRIP Epsilon represents the most cost effective, customizable near MOTS rugged processor currently available.""said Gordon Cain, Managing Director of Vision4ce Ltd.

As with all Vision4ce GRIP PCs, the Epsilon is an affordable, rugged, real-time deployable multi-core CPU and many-core GPU processor with exceptionally low thermal gradients internally for high reliability in extreme temperatures plus external MIL-spec connectors, offering a price to performance ratio unmatched by conventional any current VPX based embedded military hardware.

The choice of powerful AMD or NVIDIA's Fermi/Kepler architectures make the GRIP Epsilon ideal for implementing algorithms and applications which benefit from massively parallel, more quickly and easily programmed GPGPU processors over comparable FPGA and DSP solutions. The range-topping GTX 640M has 384 CUDA processing cores. The GRIP Epsilon can be supplied with a dual-core or quad-core i7 CPU, up to 16GB of DDR3 system memory and SSD storage of up to 512GB.The Epsilon also has a growth bath to the Intel Sandy/Ivy Bridge CPU, an optional removable SSD capability, and factory fitted PMC/XMC expansion card that enables the integration of additional capabilities, including video capture. With a power supply capability of up to 200 watts the units can easily handle higher specification CPU and GPU devices if adequate cooling paths are available

GRIP Epsilon supports operations in extended temperature ranges from -40 to +71 ⁰C  with options for growth to +85 ⁰C and in keeping with its GRIP product heritage, the Epsilon is highly flexible with customizable interfaces and connectors for diverse environments and platform applications. The GRIP chassis provides an IP67 sealed enclosure for the internal COTS components. Within the chassis a unique combination of convection and conduction cooling ensures minimal heat stress of the components. Finning can be added to the enclosure to increase the level of external convection cooling. "The modular design and flexible architecture embraces open standards and allows the affordable upgrades growth to new processing solutions and interfaces including removable SSD storage" explains Brad Zell, President of Vision4ce LLC.

Vision4ce (pronounced "Vision Force") specializes in in the provision of rugged, real-time-high performance computing hardware and applications. Vision4ce products are used for real-time image processing, video tracking and electro-optical (EO) sensor video management in the defense, security, surveillance and aerospace market sectors. Vision4ce engineers have a strong background in the development, integration and deployment of solutions for challenging real-world image processing, video management and EO system control applications.