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Dynetics and DARPA X-61A Gremlins Air Vehicle (GAV) Program

Vision4ce is very proud to have been part of the Dynetics and DARPA X-61A Gremlins Air Vehicle (GAV) Program team, whose success and innovation was recently recognized by the National Aeronautic Association 2021 Robert J. Collier Trophy selection committee. A derivative of Vision4ce’s CHARM100 Video Tracker was selected by our commercial partner Sierra Nevada Corporation, …

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Low Latency Video Streaming With Vision4ce’s CHARM 100NX

Did you know our CHARM100 range of video processing hardware supports low latency video streaming. Our low SWaP hardware platforms can capture multiple video inputs (from analog video to 3G-SDI), encode and stream them using RTSP or MPEG-TS with delays of less than 40ms (2 frames). Video capture and streaming can be combined with our video processing …

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Customisation of Vision4ce Products

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Vision4ce is a leading supplier of real time video and image processing solutions for electro-optic systems. This covers the supply of rugged hardware for harsh environments on land, at sea and in the air, along with integrated software solutions incorporating sophisticated image processing algorithms for object detection and tracking.

Our rugged hardware includes our GRIP range of rugged PCs which utilise the latest Intel mobile processors, and can also incorporate powerful NVIDIA GPUs enabling high performance GPGPU processing.

Complementing our rugged hardware is: GRIP View, Video Processing and Distribution Unit and DART software is also incorporated into the CHARM range of compact embedded hardware video trackers based on a multi-core ARM processor.


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