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At Vision4ce we are bunch of forward thinking individuals that will always try to exceed our customers expectations in the provision of bespoke vision electro-optical system management hardware, software and integration services, for use in harsh environments!

Vision4ce was founded in 2006 to develop innovative video and image processing solutions based on latest available technologies.

The directors have an extensive background in electro optic systems for the Aerospace and Defence and Security industries and have all  previous worked together, developing video target trackers, for more than 15 years at Octec / GEIP and now Vision4ce.

Steve Hogg, Director of Image Processing

Steve joined Vision4ce in 2008 to bring business management and systems engineering expertise to support the transition to a product based business. His role encompasses general management including oversight of hardware development and production.

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John Thornton, Director of Image Processing

John joined Vision4ce in 2008 to lead the development of algorithms and software. He has an extensive background in business and engineering management. His role encompasses engineering management, oversight of the product roadmap and software development.

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Next Generation Video Target Tracking

29 - 11 - 2022


“Vision4ce’s team displayed competency at every step and provided strong positive feedback on system design and specification.”

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