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“We required a bespoke recording solution for a niche application, the system had to be durable and have a specific feature set to accommodate the operational parameters of the end-users.

Vision4ce’s team displayed competency at every step and provided strong positive feedback on system design and specification. I felt confident in their ability to grasp the requirements and customise a solution to meet them.

While Vision4ce wasn’t the cheapest option we had available, they were easy to work with and the cost saving in problem solving since installation has occurred has made the option the best we could have made.

The depth of technical knowledge of the team has been superb to work with, in addition the staff have always been professional and are keen to resolve an issue as fast as possible. Unlike other companies which try and blame problems on other portions, Vision4ce have approached every challenge realistically and openly. It has been a true pleasure working with the team.

We would recommend Vision4ce without hesitation.”

Toby Du Pré, Du Pré Marine


“We needed a rugged, IP65 processor for a marine installation with very stringent environmental, shock and vibration requirements.

The Grip Alpha fitted the bill very well and although not marine certified we put it on a prototype boat for testing and it worked flawlessly. Nine units are now fitted in a growing fleet of high speed arduous marine installation boats of which there are 20 at seat and growing at 6 a year.

Issues are dealt with promptly and we are very pleased with the service we get from both Ellie and Don. Yes I would recommend Vison4ce and indeed we have used them in another boat fit and are considering them in future bids too.”

Bill Stewart, Scisys


“Ultra Electronics EWsT received a request for a Portable Radiating System (PRS) with the capability of being able to track a slow moving aerial target.

A number of companies were approached and Vision4ce was selected as it provided an ideal, cost effective software tracker, adapted to work with  COTS hardware supplied by Ultra Electronics EWsT.

Having been  provided with some minimal customer driven requirements, Vision4ce worked with Ultra Electronics EWsT to develop bespoke software which provided good tracking and excellent interfacing with all aspects of the delivered hardware.

Throughout the lifecycle of the project, Vision4ce provided focussed and fast support to tailor the software, often at very short notice. This excellent support was also commented on by the end-user who themselves requested small changes, often at short notice also.

I would highly recommend Vision4ce, they have helped to provide a highly adaptable, user friendly system and I look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Vince Gosling, Ultra Electronics EWsT


“We have worked very closely with the subject matter experts with respect to their tracker capability within an EO System.  

The engineers we have worked with have behaved in a very professional manner and have been very knowledgeable about the product, including product enhancement ideas. It has been a pleasure to work with these engineers.”

Andy Lowe, Leonardo


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“Issues are dealt with promptly and we are very pleased with the service we get.”

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