b'GRIP Rugged Computers THE GRIP COMPUTERS ARE RUGGED HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING PLATFORMS FOR IMAGE AND VIDEO PROCESSING. BASED ON CUTTING EDGE PC HARDWARE WHICH IS PACKAGED IN RUGGED, SEALED ENCLOSURES FOR USE IN HARSH ENVIRONMENT APPLICATIONS. The GRIP range uses high performance Intel Core i7 CPUsKEY FEATURES We have worked very closely withand can also include NVIDIA GPUs to support complexA key aspect of the deployment of rugged computers graphic requirements or latest generation computingin harsh environments is the fan-less cooling of the highthe subject matter experts with applications using GPGPU processing. power electronic components. High reliability within therespect to their tracker capability GRIP PCs is ensured by the use of proven coolingwithin an EO System.All GRIP rugged computers are environmentally sealedmethods which includes heat pipes to rapidly dissipate the units. The GRIP Alpha and GRIP Delta products areheat from the high power processors. Options are availableThe engineers we have worked with have behaved designed for harsh environments where commercialfor conduction and convection cooling of the overall unit.in a very professional manner and have been very environmental standards are acceptable. The GRIP Epsilonknowledgeable about the product, including product is designed for harsh environments where militaryVISION4CE.COM/PRODUCTS/GRIP-RUGGED-PC enhancement ideas. It has been a pleasure to work standards are required.with these engineers.A low cost desktop unit for benign environments is alsoAndy Lowe, Leonardooffered which is functionally equivalent to the rugged units. GRIP Epsilon12 13'