b'GRIP ViewTHE GRIP VIEW (VIDEO MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE) IS A COMPREHENSIVE VIDEO MANAGEMENT AND IMAGE PROCESSING SOFTWARE SUITE FOR THE CONTROL OF ELECTRO-OPTICAL (EO) SYSTEMS. GRIP View is comprised of a number of standard softwareGRIP View provides the operator with control and modules that can be custom configured to meet endfeedback of all aspects of the EO system, and includes user requirements. This modular approach enables thethe following capabilities:rapid and cost-effective deployment of sophisticated video management solutions with customers only Graphical user interfacesneeding to purchase those modules required for their System controlparticular application.Video Target Detection and Tracking (DART) Object classification through deep neural networks Panoramic display formationApplication SoftwareVideo compression and recording (H.264 and M-JPEG)CHARM or GRIP ViewVideo streaming (MPEG-TS, STANAG 4609, RTSP, DEF STAN 00-82)ImageElectronic image stabilization (eStab)FrameWorkx DART ProcessingImage enhancementLibrariesGeodetic positioning Ballistic computationOS (Linux/Windows)Remote operation over an IP network Integration with surveillance radars Multi language support GRIP ViewDriver SoftwareImage FusionVISION4CE.COM/PRODUCTS/VIDEO-MANAGEMENT-SOFTWAREVMS Structure20 21'