b'Vision4ce ProductsVIDEO AND IMAGE PROCESSING HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE.RUGGED COMPUTERS (GRIP) VIDEO PROCESSING ANDDIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER (DVR) VIDEO TRACKERVIDEO TRACKER SOFTWARE (DART) VIDEO PROCESSING SOFTWARE The GRIP rugged PCs are highDISTRIBUTION (VPDU) Bespoke digital video recordersHARDWARE (CHARM) The DART video tracker is an image(GRIP VIEW)performance computer platforms forThe Video Processing andincluding metadata for assorted videoThe CHARM products host theprocessing software library thatA comprehensive video management image and video processing based onDistribution solutions are used forstandards such as: DART software on a multi-corecan run on Intel or ARM processorand image processing software suite standard PC architectures, includingvideo handling, in systems comprisedARM processor module to solveplatforms under a Windows or Linuxfor the control of electro-optical GPUs for GPGPU processing.of multiple video sources which need PAL/NTSC embedded video tracking and imageoperating system. (EO) systems.to be processed and manipulated, 3G/HD-SDI processing requirements.with the outputs routed to multiple DVIvideo displays.CameraLinkVIDEO PROCESSING VIDEO TRACKING04 05'