b'CHARM Video Trackers Neural NetworksVISION4CE OFFERS BOTH HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE SOLUTIONSVISION4CES DEEP NEURAL NETWORK BASED CLASSIFICATION FOR VIDEO TRACKING. THE DART (DETECTION AND ACQUISITION,APPLICATION RUNS ON CHARM AND GRIP HARDWARE WITH ROBUST TRACKING) VIDEO TRACKING PRODUCT IS AACCELERATED BY NVIDIAS GPUS.SOFTWARE BASED TRACKER THAT CAN RUN UNDER EITHER LINUX OR WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEMS ON INTEL OR ARM PROCESSORS.The Vision4ce CHARM hardware products use the DARTKEY FEATURES Neural networks are used to enhance detection andNeural network capabilities:software hosted on an embedded multicore ARM Multiple object detection and tracking tracking, as well as obtaining classification information Multiclass classification and object detectionprocessor module for complex video tracking and image Centroid and edge measurement about the tracker objects.Supports the NVIDIA TX2 (Linux), and X86 (Linux and processing requirements. The module, with its camera Feature based correlation algorithm Windows) platformsand display interfaces, is hosted on a carrier card which Moving object detection With our dedicated in-house deep learning capability, Operational solutions delivered for drone classification provides standardised video interfaces such as PAL, NTSC, Adaptive background removal Vision4ce can assist with the entire deep learningand naval surface vessel detection and classificationYPbPr and HD-SDI for connection to the imaging sensors. Automatic coast process: Data collection, analysis, architecture selection, Classification and detection at different scalesIf needed, custom carriers can be provided to support Grey level invariant algorithms customisation, training and debugging, optimisation and Batch inferencing supportother standardised video interfaces such as Camerlink, Robust clutter rejection runtime accelerators.Robust to background/object class imbalanceCoaxPress or others. The core CHARM Module can also User configurable accuracy and non-maximum be supplied for integration onto a host board. OPTIONAL FEATURES suppression thresholds Video compression and streamingA video tracker typically analyses video image sequences Electronic image stabilisationfrom a sensor system, usually mounted on a servo Servo platform controlcontrolled pedestal, adjusting it, to keep the camera Object classificationpointing at the nominated person or object. In this context the tracker has two functions, detecting and locatingVISION4CE.COM/PRODUCTS/VIDEO-TRACKINGobjects of interest in the video image, and controlling the platform (pan and tilt) position and rate such that the camera follows the designated object.06 CHARM 80'