New! CHARM 100

05 - 04 - 2017

Vision4ce takes advance orders for the new CHARM 100!

Next Generation of Video Tracking – CHARM 100

Here at Vision4ce HQ we have developed the next generation of image based electro-optical video tracker, called the CHARM 100 (Compact Hardware Arm) as part of our CHARM product offerings.

The Vision4ce CHARM-100 is a standalone video processing board for embedded video and image processing applications which is designed to host the Vision4ce Video Management System (VMS) software as well as third party software.

See below the CHARM 100 Board and CHARM 100 Enclosure.


Features Include:

  • The VMS software includes the field proven DART video tracking software
  • Based on a NVIDIA Jetson embedded processor which incorporates a multicore ARM processor & powerful GPU for fast implementation of advanced image processing algorithms
  • Video interfaces are provided for HD and SD video in both analog and digital formats
  • The primary host interface is through an Ethernet port. Multiple serial links are also provided. The Mini PCIe slot can be used to add up to 2 additional Ethernet ports
  • A rugged enclosure is available for the CHARM-100. The enclosure includes an input power supply which allows the CHARM-100 to be powered directly from vehicle and aircraft power sources

Designed and manufactured in the UK

Orders are being taken now! To place an order or for more information please call us on +44 (0) 118 979 7904 or email

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