b'CHARM EnclosuresRUGGED ENCLOSURES ARE AVAILABLE FOR SOME VISION4CE CHARM PRODUCTS. THE ENCLOSURES INCLUDE AN INPUT POWER SUPPLY WHICH ALLOWS THE CHARM TO BE POWERED DIRECTLY FROM A VEHICLE OR AIRCRAFT SUPPLY. Product Size DataVideo Inputs VideoProcessingFeatures Interfaces Outputs ChannelsCHARM Software DARTCHARM 80178mm x2 x RS2322 x PAL/NTSC 2 x PAL/NTSC1 All Detection andEnclosure 144mm x2 x RS422or 2 x HD-SDI or 2 x HD-SDI Tracking49mm 1 x EthernetCHARM 100178mm x4 x RS4222x PAL/NTSC2x PAL/NTSC2 AllEnclosure 156mm x1 x Ethernet 2 x HD-SDI 2 x HD-SDI OS & Drivers57mmCHARM160mm xEthernet 2 x PAL/NTSC 1 x Display2 All10CE 128mm x2 x RS232 1 x YPbPr Port+ CPUEnclosure 50.5mm 2 x RS422 1 x SD/HD/3G1 x LVDS Image Compressor RS485 SDI Stabilise andStreamGPUNote: For developmentsystems, a Framework Classication FusionCHARM 80 Enclosure CHARM 100 Enclosure CHARM 10CE Enclosure System is available toallow customers to develop 10 their own functionality. 11'