b'GRIP DVRs GRIP VPDUVISION4CE OFFERS A RANGE OF SPECIALISED AND BESPOKETHE VPDU (VIDEO PROCESSING AND DISTRIBUTION UNIT) IS DVRS (DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDERS) BASED ON THE VISION4CEUSED FOR PROCESSING AND DISTRIBUTING VIDEO IN SYSTEMS, GRIP HARDWARE AND VMS SOFTWARE.COMPRISING MULTIPLE VIDEO SOURCES WHICH NEED TO BE PROCESSED AND ROUTED TO MULTIPLE VIDEO DISPLAYS. The DVRs can incorporate the following capabilities:Selectable video input formats including PAL, NTSC,A typical example is an armoured vehicle with EO sightingThe video input architecture is modular which allows the 3G/HD-SDI, YPbPr, Camera Link, HDMI, VGA, CoaXPresssystems, driver cameras and situational awarenessVPDU to be configured to support the specific format ofRecording of un-compressed videoand GigE Vision cameras, all of which need to be shared betweenthe video sources. This includes support for PAL, NTSC,Recording of compressed video using H.264 and Network interfacedifferent displays within the vehicle. 3G/HD-SDI, YPbPr, STANAG, HDMI, RGB, VGA and GigE M-JPEG compressionSupport for MPEG2-TS, RTSP, STANAG 4609 andVision. Up to 24 video sources are supported. Recording of metadata DEF-STAN 00-82 video streaming The GRIP VPDU combines an Intel Core i7 processor withLive pause, rewind, playback capabilityDirect display interfaces an AMD GPU to drive up to 6 displays.VISION4CE.COM/PRODUCTS/VIDEO-PROCESSING- Removable media DISTRIBUTION-UNIT Bulk erase for rapid deletion of sensitive video VISION4CE.COM/PRODUCTS/DIGITAL-VIDEO-RECORDING Encryption of recorded videoSituational CAN RS422 GigEAwareness CommanderDisplaySituationalAwarenessVIDEOCommanders PROCESSING DriverSight AND DisplayDISTRIBUTIONDriver UNITCameraGRIP Mini DVR GRIP DVR GRIP DVR-19 CrewSimulator DisplayPAL/NTSC/GigE/ RGB/DVI16 Up to 24 Sources SDI/DVI etc. Up to 6 Displays 17'