b'Customisation From Vision4ceAT VISION4CE WE ARE COMMITTED TO PROVIDING EFFICIENT,When we became aware of our COMPETITIVELY PRICED AND RESPONSIVE VIDEO AND IMAGEcustomers requirement for the PROCESSING SOLUTIONS, IN SUPPORT OF CUSTOMERSAirborne Signature Measurement PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES. System, we embarked on a detailed search for companies providing specialist optical tracking systems and came across Vision4ce.All of our products are designed with customisation inWe offer a price to performance ratio unmatched byFrom the internet information, they appeared to have mind to support the cost effective implementation ofconventional embedded rugged hardware and ourall the components required to build a highly capable application specific capabilities, as well as optimisationextensive software libraries enable rapid deploymentsystem along with the necessary experience and of the products for integration into a larger system. to market. expertise from their naval work, to be able to deliver Our multi-talented engineers have a strong backgroundIf you are interested in customised Vision4cea custom solution for a demanding environment.in the development, integration and deployment ofproducts please contact us, we will be happyFrom first contact, we were impressed by Vision4ces solutions for challenging real-world image processing,to discuss your needs.responsiveness to our technical queries and video management and EO system control applications.their guidance in framing a solution to match our Our collaborative approach allows customers to extendUnited Kingdom customers requirement, and ultimately, this resulted their development team and accelerate their ability to+44 (0)118 979 7904 in us winning the contract.deliver on time and within budget. Vision4ce operates on an international basis and has extensive programmesUnited States We are extremely pleased with the final product, its throughout the EU, North America and Asia. +1 (866) 942 8804quality, capability and performance, and equally the ongoing technical support provided by Vision4ce.Please visit vision4ce.com for reseller contact details inGerry Whitford, Ultra Avalon Electronics Europe and rest of the world. For Ultra Avalon Electronics case study visitvision4ce.com/about-us/case-studies22'